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Cooking is great, and cooking is fun, but if there’s one thing better than cooking, it’s cooking with friends! And if there’s one thing better than cooking with friends, it’s eating with friends. And if there’s one thing better than eating with friends, it’s celebrating Christmas with those friends. And if there’s one thing better than celebrating Christmas with your food-loving friends, it’s making their holiday wishes come true with one of these food-loving gifts.

Bin 8

At first glance, Bin 8 ($25) kind of looks like a multicolored wine bottle, but upon closer inspection, your BFF will discover eight — count ‘em — essential kitchen tools inside: A funnel with attachment for pouring sauces and liquids into containers; a lemon juicer; a spice grater; an egg masher; a cheese grater; a lid grip/opener; an egg yolk separator, and a measuring cup.


Your roommate has adopted, and subsequently flushed three fish in the last month alone. Quick, before she brings home a fourth, buy her a Yolkfish ($15) instead. This silicone swimmer is fun to play with, and takes the mess out of separating egg whites from their yolks.

Batter Up!

For the slugger on your Christmas list, consider Fred & Friends’ Batter Up! spatula ($14). Batter… up. Get it? Its bat-like design and flexible silicone blade make it easy and efficient to use; there’s no way you won’t score a home run with this gift.

Fold-Flat Grater™ Plus

Look up the word ‘tiny’ in the dictionary, and what will you find? An apartment kitchen. Large bedrooms, a decent-sized living area. And a kitchen the size of a postage stamp. Small kitchen = small amounts of storage. But there’s no need to fear, for Joseph Joseph’s Fold-Flat Grater Plus ($35) is here!

Fridgepad for iPad

When expected to produce works of culinary brilliance with just three square feet of counter space, ingenuity is key. And the good people of Woodford Design sure are ingenious: Transform an iPad into a Fridgepad ($49) in an instant. Never again will your favorite tiny space dweller have to sacrifice prep space for the sake of reading a recipe.

Quirky Stem

All of your favorite people are quirky, and quirky people deserve quirky gifts. At a dollar a piece, Stem ($1) from Quirky eliminates the need to cut, slice, or buy — bottled juice that is.

Only 13 shopping days remain; get gifting.