How to Plan an Outdoor Event

Outdoor Event Catering

Summer is here, and with it, the desire to be outside enjoying the sunshine and warm weather. No one wants to be cooped up inside when being outside is so pleasant. (Once this heatwave is over :-))

However, outdoor events add an level of uncertainty and risk to the event. You’ll have to account for the type of weather you may experience. You may have to research and accommodate facilities which may not have power. You may have to rent outdoor toilets. There are a lot of things to think about.

Planning an outdoor summer event can be a delightful experience, but it requires careful preparation to ensure everything runs smoothly. Here are some tips to help you plan a successful outdoor summer event:

1. Choose the Right Venue

  • Location: Select a venue that is easily accessible for your guests.
  • Permits: Check if you need any permits for the event, especially if it’s in a public place like a park or beach.
  • Facilities: Ensure the venue has necessary facilities such as restrooms, parking, and shade areas.

2. Consider the Weather

  • Weather Forecast: Monitor the weather forecast leading up to the event.
  • Backup Plan: Have a backup plan in case of bad weather, such as renting tents or an indoor alternative.
  • Shade and Hydration: Provide shaded areas and plenty of water to keep guests cool and hydrated.

3. Theme and Decor

  • Theme Selection: Choose a theme that suits the occasion and resonates with your guests.
  • Decorations: Use weather-appropriate decorations that can withstand wind and sun. Consider using outdoor lights, banners, and flowers.

4. Food and Beverages

  • Menu Planning: Choose a menu that is suitable for the weather. Opt for light, refreshing foods and cold beverages.
  • Catering: Decide whether to hire a caterer or prepare the food yourself. If barbecuing, ensure you have the necessary equipment.
  • Food Safety: Keep food at safe temperatures to avoid spoilage, and provide plenty of ice for drinks.

5. Entertainment and Activities

  • Music and Sound System: Arrange for a sound system that can handle outdoor conditions, and create a playlist or hire a DJ.
  • Games and Activities: Plan activities suitable for all ages, such as lawn games, water activities, or a photo booth.
  • Guest Comfort: Provide seating options, such as chairs, blankets, or picnic tables.

6. Logistics and Supplies

  • Checklists: Create checklists for everything you need, from decor and seating to food and entertainment supplies.
  • Electricity and Lighting: Ensure you have access to power sources for lighting, music, and other electronic needs.
  • Clean-Up Plan: Arrange for trash bins and recycling containers, and plan for post-event cleanup.

7. Invitations and RSVPs

  • Send Invitations Early: Send out invitations well in advance, and request RSVPs to get an accurate guest count.
  • Reminders: Send reminders a few days before the event to confirm attendance and provide any last-minute details.

8. Health and Safety

  • First Aid: Have a first aid kit on hand for any minor injuries or health issues.
  • Sun Protection: Provide sunscreen and encourage guests to use it. Consider offering hats or sunglasses as party favors.
  • Bug Control: Use citronella candles, bug sprays, or other repellents to keep insects at bay.

9. Guest Engagement

  • Welcome Area: Set up a welcome area where guests can sign in, get name tags, and receive any event materials.
  • Interactive Elements: Incorporate interactive elements like guest books, wish trees, or message boards.
  • If there will be a lot of kids, you might consider hiring childcare to run games and challenges just for the kids while their parents socialize with freedom.

10. Post-Event Follow-Up

  • Thank You Notes: Send thank-you notes or emails to guests for attending.
  • Feedback: Collect feedback to understand what went well and what could be improved for future events.

By paying attention to these details, you can create a memorable and enjoyable outdoor summer event for all your guests.

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