How to Plan an Outdoor Event

Outdoor Event Catering

Summer is here, and with it, the desire to be outside enjoying the sunshine and warm weather. No one wants to be cooped up inside when being outside is so pleasant.

However, outdoor events add an level of uncertainty and risk to the event. You’ll have to account for the type of weather you may experience. You may have to research and accommodate facilities which may not have power. You may have to rent outdoor toilets. There are a lot of things to think about.

Here is a quick three-step checklist to be sure that you’re not missing anything.


Whether you’re having a family reunion or a corporate picnic, you will want to thoroughly research your venue to make sure your guests will be comfortable. This might mean visiting the venue ahead of time to scout for potential issues.

Does the area have ample seating? Electrical power? Is it accessible to people with limited mobility? Is it near a parking lot, convenient for setup and teardown? How close are the bathrooms? Is there plenty of shade, or will you have to rent a tent so that people have a place to get out of the sun, or to continue the party if it rains?

Consider a “housekeeping kit” with Lysol and paper towels, broom and dust pan, lots of garbage bags and a spare extension cord or two in case of the unexpected.


Unless your venue has tables as well as places to sit, you’ll most likely rule out foods that require a fork and a knife. Finger foods and appetizers are easier for people to eat standing up, and you might aim for foods that only require a napkin, not a plate.

You will also want to consider what foods can be easily kept at the proper temperature for long periods of time. Lighter, cooler fare will be better received than heavy, hot dishes, and they’re easier to manage anyway.

If renting toilets for the occasion, consider having a separate wash station with clean water, Purell, and soap.


While many groups can comfortably chat a whole afternoon away, the event will be more memorable if you can organize some entertainment. Whether it’s a few games or a DJ, give some thought to this in the early stages.

If there will be a lot of kids, you might consider hiring childcare to run games and challenges just for the kids while their parents socialize with freedom.

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