Karen Sheik, Active Health Management

“My company does a lot of entertaining with clients and events for the staff. I used to use a large catering chain 2-3 times a week until they started to cut back on some items and became so regimented with their menu that they wouldn’t even add a few garnishments to the platters per my request. They stated that it was not consistent with the requirements from their corporate office and even though we were a big client, they could not accommodate my request. That is when I searched for a new caterer that not only provided great food at a great price, but was flexible and creative enough to provide us with a menu that always pleases us no matter what type of even we are hosting. The day I found Silver Spoon Caterers was the answer to my dilemma. I want to thank you for all that you do with so many last minute requests, and always delivering on time. You make my job easy and make me look good to my employer.”